The ultimate controller box has begun AKA Bliss-Box

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some of these websites I don't have an account with, but I will join reddit and give it an upvote.


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I may be able to get play-asia for a distributor. Working on this now.


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I just got word that the chips are as follows..

vintage col - sega 3 button

sega set all sega pads

Nintendo set a nes snes

gc/n64 set

Each is going to cost about 15, so I need at lease 3 to get all of those. So far no chip for dream cast or 15 pin Atari. Its a good thing I can make my own connectors though....

Original estimated cost.. $300

Wishful estimated cost.. $25

current estimates cost.. $50

I still hope to get it down a bit.. and I would like the get the 25 pin Atari working. I'm not sure if the 5600 used that or not, I dont think so.. So that should be good. I still dont have controllers to test with..

what I have


what I need

any wireless
turbo G16 duo and regular
sega all kinds.
dream cast
game cube
col. int. jaguar and any vintage stuff..


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midomidi2013, sorry never saw this post. Also I have no idea what you are talking about? There are no "chips" and nothing that goes as "follows". the prices you mentioned have nothing to do with any products Bliss-Box sells.

Are you talking about the cables?
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I figured it is time to update the longest running Bliss-Box forum post on the net. What a run this has been... From concept to a garage brew to a company.

So a few interesting things to point out.

Bliss-Box cables. These things have made there way in to all types of products over the years. They are still being manufacture and still being used. Very strong and a great fit for many D.I.Y projects.

The 4-Play, now discontinued but maybe ready to make its second appearance. I few things will change but the main idea will still be considered. This was what created the winds for this company. If you have one, you are lucky. They are now selling for $200 plus!

Gamer-Pro, the 4-Plays little brother. It really is the same thing in a single player version. Selling as well as the 4-Play but to many others that just wanted one player.

BliSTer, where did this come from? If you do not know what the MiSTer is, your either not in to pure retro gaming, or just missed the boat. That marvelous invention has done it. It does not emulate everything yet but the MiSTer team is still at it. the interesting thing about the FPGA wonder is the ability to accurately emulate the systems. Some of the fundamental issues with running an OS and then trying to emulate a console is simply out of the way and one of those that has pained us for decades, is the controller polling. In the simplest sense an emulators relies on USB and the core emulation will never have control over when the USB is polling for controller data. That all has changed in a thing a special group of people called low latency api.


A funny story about that. Bliss-Box Low level API (LLAPI) is a protocol used to communicate over the existing USB wires without speaking USB. It was invented for an upcoming product called the Bridge. It communicates data from device to device under 1ms. A developer by the name of Rysha saw this and though immediately of its potential and adopted the name for her own needs. So the MiSTer cores that use this "low latency api. " also call it LLAPI. It was some sort of a verbal communication error between the Bliss-Box and LLAPI core teams. Though it is very important to point out the MiSTer cores that use LLAPI is a product of both teams hard work.


In the end, we have a LLAPI (call it what you will) protocol standard for hardware emulation. This does not mean it will remain a Bliss-Box or MiSTer thing, it could be the start of something much more useful. Read more about it here. under Low Level API. There is no reason the retro PI can not jump on the band wagon here and all while using the amazing and robust Bliss-Box cables. Also worth noting is the SNAC interface. That is pure MiSTer code but designed to work with Bliss-Box cables.


It does pay to take note that the LLAPI was never adopted to the main MiSTer code. Thought the LLAPI team still works on the code and there are update scripts with it.

Also if you have A 4-Play or Gamer-Pro, you do not need to have the BlisSTer to use these cores. Just grab a level shift from Bliss-Box. If you have cables, and a MiSTer and no BlisSTer, your missing out!

Check out this page for more info about BliSTer.
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