SSF Shining Force III Problem! Please Help!


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Ok so I recently got into Shining Force III on the Saturn Emulator SSF and I've noticed that in some battles, something with the ground textures weirdly happens, half of it sometimes goes totally black, aside from a few green patches and the rest of the scenery. Its just the ground. It mostly happens in wide open field battles or things of that like. Just wondering if anyone could help me figure out the problem and offer me possibly a fix or something. Possibly an earlier version or an options fix. Or even a different emulator that works with Shining Force III that doesn't have this ground-texture problem :/ I just want some sort of closure for this, I've LITERALLY been dreaming of playing this game since I was a kid.

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I know what you mean! This game is great! I don't really have this problem often, I am using SSF 0.12 revision 4. If your computer is fast enough, I would recommend Yabause and switch it to OpenGL rendering, but if its speed you need I would continue using SFF. I am part of another community that is alllll about Shining Force related stuff, you should join the forum and ask the same question if I wasn't able to help you now. Here is the forum:

See you there. :)