South Asian Movies


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I've recently watched alot of South Asian Movies and I must say, these movies are making Hollywood run for their money. My recent movie "Silmido" proved that the South Asian film market is indeed way too strong then it appears. Other movies like "The stroy of two sisters" and "Takeugki" (forgive me if the name is wrong), are some great challenges to Hollywood.

I personally recommend Silmido and Takeugki.


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A couple of good mentions would be "And I Hate You So" - you will need to know some Cantonese or Mandarin to get the full feel of the jokes used in the movie. The English subtitles don't do it justice.

The second one is "Born to be King" - I think there is a part one and two. These and many others are high-budget films backed by very wealthy businessmen. Very high quality cinematics, acting, story, choreography, etc.