Slam City with Scottie Pippen


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Ok guys, I was searching through the forums, and even used the search bar, and have found nothing. I am using Kega Fusion for the Sega CD iso's and roms or whatever yall wanna call em. Anyhow, I have downloaded multiple isos for slam city , and each one I can never get past the sonic screen. it just freezes. I have all my bios for both the sega cd and the 32x installed. Has anyone else had this issue...ive tried a couple emulators, nothing. Has anyone confirmed that slam city with scottie pippen works? I have played a lot of other sega cd games with no issues. Any advice is helpful. Thanks yall. Im a noob, Im stupid, My parents hate me...all that other that we have that out of the :p


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I figured out what was wrong....ive seen a lot of views on this thread and no incase someone else is having the same issue, here is the fix. On Kega Fusion, which is the emulator Im running, under Configuration I believe it is, there is an option called perfect sync. Check that box. That's it....cannot believe it was that easy...but after just messing around with settings..that was the one that did it. Good Luck yall.

Glad you were able to fix this, I think I've had a similar issue but I just moved onto another Sega emulator.

I came back to this after an update and its all good now.



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