[REQUEST] Chrono Cross Memory Card Save


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I'm looking for someone... anyone... who has a saved memory card right before the White Dragon battle. I've looked on Game Faqs without much luck... the only one that comes close is Chandoo's, which is saved at the spot where you are transformed into a cat.

Some of you may suggest: Play the game from the beginning. My response: I'm not looking for that. I don't care about the grand experience of the game. My motive for this request is different than just "playing the game".

You may also say in response: If your not playing for the sake of fun, then you shouldn't be playing at all. My response: On contrary, I specifically want to play this part of the game for a reason that will not make any sense to you whatsoever. To make it short and simple, I love dragons. Dragons that actually look like the quadraped dragons. Most of the ingame dragons don't look like this. The only one I've seen that comes near it is the white dragon (the red dragon is a small exception; it stands on 2 legs, however). I'm not interested in the others, including the final boss dragon.

Also, anyone have the criosphinx battle ready on a memory card as well?

Ok, I got a serious question for you...

Why create a save that has the entire game completed on new game+ (with not much more to do than start another new game+), just so that people can play a minimal portion of the game? Why not instead save at different points of the game (especially events and boss fights) so that people can experience those individual points? I understand that this somewhat ruins the storyline, but hey, it makes much more sense than a completed new game plus game, where you can't really view the storyline (other than the many endings).

If you want to view the endings, I would recommend starting the game over. If your looking to just find a challenge, again, start the game over. If your looking to battle a specific monster, then yes, you need to find a save that has it to save time, rather than play the entire game over just to get to that specific monster.

I plan to battle this monster/dragon quite a number of times with different characters, mostly for my "motive" and slightly for the "thrill". So, yes, I will get my fair share out of this game. I do not really want to start at the "cat" point... for I will have to battle some bosses and monsters I prefer not to battle.

One more thing: you may say "Nothing comes easy... you must do the work." If this were true, why even post game saves online, if people believed this? Obviously, some people wanted to make it easy for others. I know I'm just one person out of a couple hundred thousand to a million who play this game, and this may seem like a small ordeal for just one person, but hey, I bet that one person requested some saves that are now online!

P.S. I use the google search engine like a professional. I know how to use quotes to narrow searches, use hyphens to remove unwanted results, and word my searches differently to get better results. Regardless, after about 20-50 different search results (not including duplicate search results), I came up empty for the game save I was and still am looking for.


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sorry i do not have what your looking for.

just wanted to offer my condolences, lol.
since your general point sounded relateable to me, which means you may be the minority and never find what your looking for lol.

I never played that game, and usually have no interest in rpgs. FF7 in the past was the only exception tho I never tried playing another after that lol.

For most games I play, I create save points at certain levels/boss/or points of interest. And there are sum games that I only enjoy certain points of interest. Like sum TV shows or Music Albums I don't care to watch\listen to the whole dam thing. I get where ur coming from unfortunately but cant help