Jet Set Willy

If you are going to join in with this thread, try to make it stuff that people aren't likely to have found already. That's against the entire point. We already know you like Nirvana/Linkin Park/Pink, kthx.

Bola/Jello (Ambient, crunchy electronic)
- Ephemex(Jello) [MP3, 305KB]

Autechre (Disjointed, ryhthm-driven ambient)
- Leterel [MP3, 641KB]

Misifts, The (Old school horror-movie inspired rock)
- Last Caress [MP3, 175KB]

V/VM (Electronica... sort of. Very fond of ripping other people's work apart and making it their own. Have no respect for copyright - released Aphex Twin's Druqks before HE did [they hate him])
- Erald Hark Angel [MP3, 576KB]


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Pinback - Loro (Pop)
Pinback - Bbtone (Pop)
The Shins - New Slang(Folk-pop)
Pavement - Zurich Is Stained(lo-fi, pop)
Pavement - Gold Soundz (Pop)
The Books - Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again (Guitar, Strings, Vocals, re-arranged in different sequence's, cut and paste music )
The Books - There Is No There ( Cut and paste music)
Xiu Xiu - Nieces Pieces (amazing)
At The Drive In - Pattern Against User (Punk? Rock?)

SoulSeek it.

El Fugitivo

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Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles
Xiu Xiu - Suha
Xiu Xiu - Fast Car

I think their best songs are the more subtle ones (musically, not lyrically).

Fabulous muscles
Cremate me after you come on my lips
Place my ashes in a vase
Beneath your work-out bench


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if you haven;t already heard them then the Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster are quite good. Kinda punky, but not really..

The Cranks are also a nice band in a similar vien