Public Discord lobby for emulator netplay!


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Hi there.

I have just finished making a Discord server for finding other players on netplay. My goal is to create a place with a welcoming community of emulator gamers. The server is still very small though--for there to be a community, we need actual people. Feel free to join and leave feedback, I'd really appreciate it. For those who don't know, Discord is a program similar to TeamSpeak that allows people to text/voice chat. It's specifically oriented towards games.

I've coded a bot to go along with the server as well. Using a simple command, you can easily broadcast a request for others to join you. More info's on the server welcome page. I would post screenshots, but being a new member of this forum, I can't post more than one URL.

I hope this becomes something noteworthy. Thanks to everyone who joins!

Here's the link: