Project 64 pokemon stadium 2 saved file not found


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This has always worked for me before in the years

But now I cant get past this
pokemon stadium 2 is complaining about saved file not found when trying to add savegame from gameboy

Now i've added pokemon crystal,gold silver, yellow game and save to the controller plugins and Ive tried several n-rage plugins
aswell different versions of emulators and programs included to no avail.

If anyone of you has some insight please share with me I'm a hikikomori and got nothing to do bored at everything and this is the only thing I would like to play.. :mad::bow:


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problem solved. I had not saved the game properly in the pokemon center thru the game options > save itself
I had only saved it via the rom emulator so this is why it did not reg the save file.

Thank you for trying to help me and now the real churning begins! ahh I love this game
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