Orig XBOX- swap already modd'ed drive? Help..

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Hello gang.
I've got an orig Xbox with the factory 8/10gig drive in it. It has Evolution X already, and about 4000 roms on it from various systems. Thing is, it's full!

I want to swap the drive over to my spare 320gb (compatible, I checked) drive. Thing is, we modded the Xbox on my old network, and the Xbox won't let go of these orig IP's, and even on AUTO/DHCP I get a new address but still can't FTP.
With that mentioned above... should I be able to PING my xbox? Meaning, will the Xbox know to reply?
For ftp'ing I use WSFTP PRO... anyone NOT like this? Why?

My reason for this is this: I need to install an APP (Chimp 2.6) onto the Xbox in order to begin the drive-swap process, and if I can't connect, I can't swap the drive... you see my dilemma here, yes?

Should I just sell this one, and pick up another orig Xbox (5960) or bite the bullet, and pick up a used 360 just start over with the emu's I want. (Sucks I don't have all my Roms anywhere either... UHG!)


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okaaaaay.. with a 100 views, and nary a reply. Let me rephrase.

Decided to get another orig XBox (he's trading me for a case a beer, why not?) . I plan on installing the following systems: C64, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Mame, PS1/PS2, and a handful of older units. It will NOT be used as a media station at all, just games. Is my 320 gig drive sufficient? My biggest concerns here are the PS2 and MAME stuff....

Talk to me.


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Hey I'm xbox stupid but no stranger to emulation needs. here ya go.

Mind you, these are complete collection. Not compressed to the point of unplayable, they are the smallest they can be while playable via some sort of scripting or mounting.

C64 sont have it, but its small.
Atari 2600 10 mb { 7-z mountable solid state}
Intellivision 1.3 mb { 7-z mountable solid state}
Mame ( included CHD ) 333 gb { Roms zipped, split sets }
PS1 - I stripped out a lot of sports games, just dont have a use for then so add another 150 gb here 300 gb { ECM'd and rar'd }
PS2 - I dont have the full sets here but psp ( about the same size I think ) is a full set at 430 gb { CSO'd }
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Orig XBOX swap already modded drive

I know some tvs wont display pal content in general. Is there another tv you can try the xbox out on? Preferably a sd tv but any other tv so we can rule out the tv as the issue.