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Hey guys! Hope you're all well. So I've been dabbling in Emulation now for about 4 years and love every bit of it. SNES N64 PS1 and 2 are usually my main ones. No shame in saying that today I actually play these more than modern games but I just installed VisualBoyAdvance and I'm loving it! But it had me thinking... Is it possible to get a GBA emulator... On Android? I'd LOVE! to have a GBA emulator on my phone. Does anyone know if this is a thing or even possible? Thanks anyway! And happy emulating!


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@TheDoomDoctor Yes its possible try retroarch.

Retroarch has build in emulators called cores each core emulate one of old computers,consoles etc..

But you need bluetooth pad to play with it because touch screen its not very comfortable.

Thats all.