Emulator Problem: MameUI64 showing games I don't have.


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I have the latest version of MameUI64 and under available it's showing games I don't have. How do I make only display games I actually have. I already did F5 and selected Audit all sets.


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you have latest bioses pack ? and latest version of mame if not do this and try audit again everything should work like charm latest is for mame 0.174 and latest mame is 0.174 obvious latest mameui is 0.174 so all its latest
im hope you not write you use old version too crazy :)
like use 0.137 :D
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I see the OP called himself Cheddar Cheeze and mentioned the problem on the official forum. He's using MAMEUI64 0.174.

Some of those system at least don't have any bios rom (wonderswan for example), so it will show up. The others may be the same.