MAME driving me insane!


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I have MAMEUI32 0.142u4

No matter what I try it will not (cannot?) remember where the directories are supposed to be.

Running from F:\MAME, the folders are arranged like F:\MAME\ROMS - but when I try to change the default directories, the INI files are saved to my desktop.

Every time I start up I have to change all the directories...

I've changed all the INI files to the correct F:\MAME\.... path - nothing.

I made sure the folders are not read-only - nothing.

Please, help!


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Sounds like its got itself mixed up somewhere, possibly if Mame has been running from another location at some point. I would delete everything except your rom folder (if its got roms in it), and re-extract your Mame download directly into the root directory you want to run it from.