Is this emulator site a scam?


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I've been searching for PS3 and Xbox360 emulators for Mac, but the search isn't going so well. I have an effective Wii one and I found I prefer gaming on my computer. Consoles are too expensive for me at the moment. So has anyone heard of emulatorbay? Is it real, or is it fake? They even boast a WiiU emulator and that seemed questionable given to me it looks like they photoshopped a menu screen on to a dolphin emulator.
The site seems too good to be true. If someone could share their experiences, and what they know of emulators for Mac, I would greatly appreciate it.

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They are all scams, don't download. Scams have been going on for a while now, and have had several threads made, so far the fake system emulators are: Xbox360, WiiU, PS3, PSVita, and 3DS. Basically, as a rule of thumb, anything that is relatively new, its most likely fake. :)


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I like the wiiU emulator. So interesting how the gui matches dolphin...

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A general rule of thumb : These systems don't have a perfect emulator as of the time of this post:

- PS3 (you have rpcs3, but it's still in its infancy)
- Xbox 360 (no, we don't have a perfect Xbox original emulator, let alone an Xbox 360)
- WiiU (come on, it was only released less than a year ago)
- 3DS (don't even think about it)
- PSVita (same as above)