Welcome its my alter ego here
one more thing i was make mistake about use books you and you can also use every information from web
you need higher level of math
and MOST IMPORTANT! first learn convert bin to hex and octal (number systems) i was do that later
it will helps you use asembler,hex editor and other info stored in memory and bios
there is video how do this so you will find it (mine was in polish of course)
next step is language low level language is designed to run directly from hadware that is used in dos
also as programing of microprocessors aka microcontrollers (FPGA)
asembler is used to make nes games also is simpler than C
C++ is high level programing language used for operating system
(Mac Os,Windows,Linux should to but u get info that is write in C)
one languages can be slower than others and make use more machine potential
im at pointers of c++ and soon end and i have more promising things : exercises from C++ computing contest
i will back and show my progress after 4 weeks :happy:
i cant write to everyone so be good users and dont made crew angry they hard working
thats all for now
till next time folks
Ps: about my mental state im dont know its better or worse :confused: nevermind