I want to play a more diverse game (RPG)


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it is common knowledge that most of the games do 2 or 3 things at most. This is usually a design decision. In most video games, the main thing to do is combat. Sometimes there is some kind of crafting, some kind of exploring the world... not much else.

However, are there games with MORE stuff to do? Stuff, as in... activities, systems, subsystems.

RPGs are known to be the most complex type of games, because there are more systems in this kind of games than anywhere else. However, after you play anyone for a few hours, 20-30 hours later down the line you're still doing the same things you did in the first couple of hours. So it becomes rather dull. Yes, usually there is a good story that ties everything together... but if it's story I'm looking for, I would be better served by a book, not a video game. Usually it's gameplay that keeps us tied in the front of our monitors. So I'm looking for PC games that have more game mechanics than usual. The more, the merrier. Wide range of systems. If they're also deep and full of substance, the better.

Any recommendation is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


I'll recommend you New World.
After 75+ hours, I really enjoy the game. It offers a lot of different options of activities and ways to level your toon. A broad range of quests, an interesting main questline, faction rank advancing quests. If you’re looking for something new without the peer pressure of monthly payments and having to play catch up with “lore/ history,” this is a great option.
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