How To Use Analog Sticks For All PlayStation Games (ePSXe)


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With games such as Crash Bandicoot that was released in 1996 there was no Analog Sticks on the PlayStation controller. And even when it came out the analog sticks didn't work for the older games on the PlayStation. But thanks to computer software theres a way around it. This tutorial is meant for ePSXe but can most likely work for any PlayStation emulator but will have a different setup than whats shown below. This only con about this it will cost some money.

1-Download Xpadder at the Xpadder website. This will cost you roughly $10 but it depends on your country. Buy Xpadder and download it and I advise you backup the Xpadder program so in years to come you will never have to buy it again.

2-Install Xpadder. Run Xpadder.exe and click start and choose the language and set up the program.

3-Plug in your controller(s)

4-In Xpadder click on the controller icon and go to new

6-Go to Sticks and click enable. Most likely you will be enabling the left stick and drag the circle that appears to the side.

7-After go to DPad and click enable.

8-Click OK and click on the Save icon and save this .xpaddercontroller file.

9-Now click on the up, down, left, and right squares on the controller and click the arrow key that corresponds to it. For up click on Up Arrow, Left click on Left Arrow, Down click on Down Arrow, and right click on Right Arrow.

10-After click on the Save icon and save this as "PlayStation (Port 1 - Pad 1)"

(You will repeat steps 11-12 seven times)
11-Click on the document icon and click new

12-Click on the up, down, left, and right squares on the controller and press the following keys for each square. After save it as "PlayStation (Port 1 - Pad 2/3/4)" or "PlayStation (Port 2 - Pad 1/2/3/4)"

PlayStation (Port 1 - Pad 2)

PlayStation (Port 1 - Pad 3)
Up-Numpad 8
Down-Numpad 2
Left-Numpad 4
Right-Numpad 6

PlayStation (Port 1 - Pad 4)

PlayStation (Port 2 - Pad 1)

PlayStation (Port 2 - Pad 2)

PlayStation (Port 2 - Pad 3)

PlayStation (Port 2 - Pad 4)

13-Repeat steps 10-12 until you made "PlayStation (Port 1 - Pad 2)", "PlayStation (Port 1 - Pad 3)", "PlayStation (Port 1 - Pad 4)", "PlayStation (Port 2 - Pad 1)", "PlayStation (Port 2 - Pad 2)", "PlayStation (Port 2 - Pad 3)", "PlayStation (Port 2 - Pad 4)"

14-Open ePSXe or your PlayStation Emulator and go to Controller options and select the [SCPH-1150] Dual Analog. Enter the keys that are used in Xpadder for all the D-Pads for all 8 Controllers in Port 1 and 2. Make sure there is no input for the Left Analog AT ALL except for the L3. And enter the controller input for the rest of the buttons my selecting the button and pressing it on your controller and add the Right Analog input.

15-Thats it!

Now make sure you always running Xpadder in the back round and you can play any PlayStation game with the Analog Stick. If your PlayStation emulator is in compatibility mode make sure Xpadder is in compatibility mode also. To set up the 2nd, 3rd... etc controller in Xpadder select the tabs at the top of the Xpadder program and make sure that controller is running the right "PlayStation (Port # - Pad #)". And to see which controller is which tabs press the D-Pad buttons and it will light up in Xpadder letting you know which controller this tab is in Xpadder
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I have a new version now for this that enables you to record video and take screenshots with Fraps and use the Steam Overlay. You can get it here and go to the ePSXe folder but it doesn't use Xpadder.
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the analog sticks didn't work for the older games on the PlayStation.
are you sure about this? I actually have the OEM analog ps1 controlers. . . If i had the playstation convienyently with me aswell i would just test this, But IIRC they do work for all or nearly all games, however the games produced before analog was used don't have "real" analog. The sticks just substitue as the Dpad in such cases(which I assume is all you can do on the Emu's aswell), but IIRC they did work. (Its been a long long time I could be wrong, but ATM don't think i am).

Also, don't mean to burst anyones bubble. but when i use the ps1 analog controller for any emulator Iv ever used, The analog sticks work just by pressing the 'analog' button on the controller. I don't know what controllers your refering to for your guide, and I'm Not a controler expert such as "ulaoulao". but If you have to purchase something just to assign analog to your emulator inputs, might as well just get a better controler or adapter. This PSX/N64 adapter I have is ancient and only costed a few bucks, I havn't looked in decades but if the economy and greed hasn't done to them like what happened to the Standalone VOIP Skype phones then it would be cheaper than purchasing your mentioned application also.