Emulator Problem: How to reset Mame game menu


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I have an older version of Mame (Mame098b) from 2005 I believe. The game menu used to load up with a list of games that I could scroll through to select a game. While the games were loading up one time, my niece pulled on the joystick and pushed the buttons and threw the game menu into a different setting. Now the game menu loads up with the marquee all squished up on the screen and I have to scroll through each marquee to select a game with some of them being unrecognizable.

How do I switch the setting back so that the games load up in a list again?
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Thank you!

I turned on my computer, the games were arranged so that I could see them by pressing the controller. Only one scene bounces over time and you can look down to choose the perfect game, but some of the scenes are difficult to translate. Maybe I should somehow retrieve a summary that explains the available games. There is no menu bar or anything to touch.