How to get VBA (link 1.72 version) to 1000% speed?


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I originally was able to play VBA at 1000% using speed up toggle with no problem. But I think I hit a button on my keyboard by accident and my VBA is suddenly slowed down at 300% speed even when speed up toggle is selected. Now my VBA fluctuates between 300% and 1000%. How do I make it go back to 1000% only, without it fluctuating?

Note that I did try deleting config, but no luck.


Some information:

And this thread:

For VisualBoy Advance reRecord
Controller: Options > Input > Configure Controller > "Controller 1" > Speed

For VisualBoy Advance 1.8.0b
Controller: Options > Joypad > Configure > "1..." > Speed
Hotkey [Toggle]: Tools > Customize... > OptionsEmulatorSpeedupToggle

VisualBoy Advance-M
Controller: Options > Input > Set > "Config 1..." > Speed Up
Hotkey [Toggle]: Tools > Customize... > OptionsEmulatorSpeedupToggle

And this :
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