Help with kawaks 1.54


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Ok i downloaded mslug4 and had it and in my roms folder when i load the game it would have a error saying Couldn't find 263-m1_decrypted.bin(someweirdnumber) for game,error
does anyone knows how to fix it?


This is what you need for Metal Slug 4 on Winkawaks 1.54

  65536	e09e253c	 	000-lo.lo           
8388608	84865f8a	 	263-c1.bin          
8388608	81df97f2	 	263-c2.bin          
8388608	1a343323	 	263-c3.bin          
8388608	942cfb44	 	263-c4.bin          
8388608	a748854f	 	263-c5.bin          
8388608	5c8ba116	 	263-c6.bin          
  65536	38ffad14	 	263-m1.bin          
  65536	0c4c42f8	 	263-m1_decrypted.bin
1048576	27e4def3	 	263-p1.bin          
4194304	fdb7aed8	 	263-p2.bin          
8388608	01e9b9cd	 	263-v1.bin          
8388608	4ab2bf81	 	263-v2.bin          
 131072	354029fc	 	sfix.sfx            
 131072	9036d879	 	sp-s2.sp1


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Kyrogue said:
err sorry im new what are those numbers for?
file size, CRC, file name

Those can be checked with Winrar or similar application. :cool: