Good pong game?


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My arcade cabinet has about every game I can think of, except Pong. So of course whenever people see it for the first time they ask if it has Pong.

I'm having an oddly hard time finding a good Pong game. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Ideally something that plays passably with joysticks, since my cabinet has a Mortal Kombat control panel.

I finally got the MAME Pong working, but it's much too fast and hard to play with joysticks.

I'm using Retroarch and Attract-Mode.
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And I'm not picky for this, any decent Pong game that will run in Linux, that is launchable from commandline and controllable with joysticks, will work.

I'm just trying to avoid having to tell people that I don't have Pong yet again, ha.