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Hi please be more specific . Also you should post your question in the appropriate area for best results. zsnes would be answered better in the Nintendo forms.

Firstly Snes9x is more user friendly. but with zsnes where are you getting stuck? Basically you open a rom and play...If that works the next step is setting up the controllers. Then tweaking the video.
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Windows 10
Basic Usage

1. Install ZSNES.
2. Run ZSNES.
* If you're using Windows, double-click on the executable file.
* If you're using DOS, navigate to the ZSNES installation folder and type zsnes.exe at the command line.
3. Configure the input settings (Config Menu -> Input) as desired, or use the default settings.
4. Configure the video settings (Config Menu -> Video) as desired, or use the default settings.
5. Configure path settings (Config Menu -> Paths) if you don't want all the automatically generated files going into the same directories as your ROMs.
6. Load a game (Game Menu -> Load) and start playing.
7. When you are ready to stop playing, you have a number of choices to save your game.
* If your game has its own native save function, just use it.
* If your game does not have a save function, or you are at a point in the game where you can't save, you can create a save state. Do this by pressing F2.
8. After you save your game:
* You can load a new game using the same steps as above, or
* Exit the emulator by going to Game Menu -> Quit.
9. When you are ready to return to a previously saved game, just re-load that game.
* Load an in-game save in the normal way.
* If you saved a state, you can load that state by pressing F4.

This section only covers very basic usage. Please read the entire documentation for more information.
Default Keys
Game Keys

You can change the default keys for the standard SNES controller under Config->Input.
SNES Button Player 1 Key Player 2 Key
D-Pad Up Arrow Up J
D-Pad Down Arrow Down M
D-Pad Left Arrow Left N
D-Pad Right Arrow Right ,
Start Return / Enter Left Ctrl
Select Right Shift Left Alt
A X Home
B Z End
X S Insert
Y A Delete
L (Left Shoulder) D Page Up
R (Right Shoulder) C Page Down

You can change the default keys for special input devices under Config->Devices.

The special input devices just use input from your mouse for movement and aiming.
Super Scope Button Computer/Mouse Button
Fire Left mouse button
Cursor Mode Button Right mouse button
Toggle Auto-fire =
Pause Backspace
Emulator Keys
Key Function Where to Customize
Esc When a game is loaded, toggle the GUI (pauses emulation while GUI visible). Cannot be changed
F1 Open the F1 Quick Menu. Cannot be changed
F2 Save a state to current slot. Config->Saves
F3 Open the save state slot chooser. Config->Saves
F4 Load a save state from the current slot. Config->Saves
F5 <--> F12 Toggle sound channels 1 through 8, respectively Misc->Misc Keys
1 2 3 4 Toggle background layers 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively Misc->Misc Keys
5 Toggle sprite/object layer Misc->Misc Keys
6 Panic Key - Reset all switches to default (enable Offset Mode, Windowing, all background layers, sprite/object layer, and sound channels; disable Add-on Devices; reset Emulation Speed Throttle) Misc->Misc Keys
8 Toggle New Graphics Engine Misc->Misc Keys
9 Toggle Windowing Misc->Misc Keys
0 Toggle Offset Mode Misc->Misc Keys
T While using Netplay, press to open the Chat window Misc->Misc Keys
~ Fast Forward Config->Speed
P Pause Emulation Config->Speed