GBA Emulator in Android with Wireless Adapter Link Support emulated?


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Hello , I had purchased the MyBoy emulator for android (play store) which is the best emulator for gba games , it is also support link via bluetooth or wifi client/server modes.

But this just emulates the GAME LINK CABLE and not the WIRELESS ADAPTER LINK mode of the gba for some games like pokemon firered-leafgreen-emerald.

So , is there any better emulator for android (i don't care if it is not free) that supports the wireless adapter link mode?

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I contacted the guy who made MyBoy and said that unfortunately , emulating wireless adapter link is not technically possible (quote from his message "Sorry we currently have technical problem emulating the wireless adapter.")....I hope to be an emulator doing this one day because playing games like this in android is awesome....
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pff virtualbox can do that >.> maaan so sick programmer
im dont have too much wisdom but answer me on github my motivation back and i will do many projects