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Nowadays we all can witness coming of 7th generation of videogame consoles, such as Xbox 360, Wee (Wii), playstation 3 etc.

I would like to know what is the most important thing for all of you guys ( and girls) when buying new console? Is it prestige, performance, is it because ,for example, if you buy Wii, you will play games using remote control and thus, you'll be cool:D?

And what console is the best for you?

Nes, Snes, NeoGeo, Comodore 64, 128, N64, Playstation 1,2,3, X name it, and explain why.

Thank You.


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I would have to say QUALITY

Commodore 64 is one of my FAVOURITE units ever when playing gams (Ms pacman,etc)

Coleco is my next fav,then atari :)


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Every console I've ever bought (which is most of them over the years), I've always bought specifically because there was a system exclusive game I wanted to play on it.

I bought a Master System to play Wonderboy in Monsterland, Genesis for Castle of Illusion, Snes (because it came with a wildcard if I'm honest but it still rates as my favourite console...ever, just too many great games), PS1 was for TombRaider, N64 for Goldeneye, Saturn for Panzer Dragoon, X-Box for Halo, etc, etc and soforth.