Emulator Problem: Fusion suddenly slowing down significantly


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Hey everyone,

Looking for some answers as to why Kega Fusion suddenly starts lagging like crazy. I've used it for months, but recently I'll be playing and the game will lag badly and return to normal only momentarily. This is especially bad when I'm recording my game or streaming it. When I check the CPU usage, Fusion generally stays around 25-30% until the lag hits then it drops to 8-12%. I have an i5 Intel Core processor and 16 GB of RAM. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


What operating system do you have?

And with that ram you should have x64 os.

Kega is x86 bits right ?
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So it's not just Fusion that's lagging, it's my whole computer. I don't know if that was obvious or not. I ran it with the frame rate open and it dropped between 7 and 25 while it was lagging.


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I haven't changed the thermal paste. My cores are staying between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius according to Core Temp. Maybe I just don't have the processing power to do what I want, but I used this all without problems for weeks and then suddenly, I have issues every time.

Did you change thermal pase also called grease.

What temperatures your pc have ?