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I am very interested in programming in Python, it is a good language for programming online games. and be able to earn money as a programmer


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These links would be more helpful to those interested to learn them.
I would like to start it from the basic programming, C. If anybody could suggest Python, I would start from it.


Those are good but hard to understand (for me pascal is hard) so i find free courses on udemy.

Im recommend to create acount there and use their search browser with topic free.

Everyone should know what i mean.
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I've started watching tutorial for those learning Python -, and surprisingly Giraffe Academy programmers explain the material pretty well. Next I'm about to move to Swift. Can you be so kind to share any tutorials for learning this language please?
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Hi guys, I'm really excited about being able to work from home. I am attracted to the programmer profession. By the way, now I started learning programming languages React.JS and Node.JS ProCoders. And please tell me which programming languages, from your point of view, are the most relevant at the moment?
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From my point Python also strong is Shell language i readed that most popular is linux as sever so using it from command line is shell language also called bash scripting linux system administrator proffesion.

By knowing shell you can use any linux from command line and commands can be similiar for example without graphical interface you can use ubuntu server.

Scientists use Pyhon with numpy and there is cryptography framework more info here:

Python is simple and powerfull thats why is so popular also can be used for create websites and much much more.

Java is still popular and better know new version on java sdk so its mean software development kit now this kit comes with two versions by oracle company and you need pay for their license and free open source replacement open jdk.

Here link :

Next language is C# easier than C++ and faster and better than C you will see tons of examples of that language and unity game engine uses C#.

Third language is Objective C that language is used by Mac Os developers and have high portability for example retro arch emulator is written in objective C.

Other more popular are in those links: