FakeNES WIP October 26 Released!


The work in progress version of this cool emulator has been updated.
Check the new stuff below:
  • ALL: Added support for decoding NESticle raw patches. [Siloh]
  • ALL: Modified main loop to only consume as much CPU as neccessary (experimental). [Siloh]
  • ALL: Added automatic VRAM page buffering (greatly reduces the need for VSync). [Siloh]
  • AUD: Implimented 60FPS Audio [Siloh]
  • AUD: Overhauled all pAPU buffering code. [Siloh]
  • AUD: Vastly improved audio playback code, eliminates skewing of emulation timing (experimental). [Siloh]
  • AUD: Removed support for user-defineable audio buffer lengths (fixes some playback problems). [Siloh]
  • AUD: Added 'Stereo Mix' mode that produces mono sound while allowing stereo effects. [Siloh]
  • AUD: Added audio anti-aliasing. [Siloh]
  • AUD: Added audio 'hard sync' option to emulate old pAPU behavior. [Siloh]
  • GUI: Added support for custom fonts, loading dialogs/menus into malloc'ed memory, assorted bug fixes, and more. [Siloh]
  • GUI: Added unfinished 'Panta' GUI theme. [Siloh]
  • GUI: Changed 'Audio > Mixing > Speed' menu title to 'Frequency'. [Siloh]
  • GUI: Removed 'Audio > Mixing > Advanced' menu [Siloh]
  • GUI: changed 'Reverse Stereo' to 'Swap Channels' to match the configuration file entry. [Siloh]
  • GUI: Improved mouse handling. [Siloh]
  • GUI: Misc Fixes [Siloh]
  • SRC: Renamed 'mouse_sprite' to 'gui_mouse_sprite' to fix API conflict with Allegro-djgpp. [Siloh]
  • SRC: Casts are no longer used on lvalues. (for GCC4) [Siloh]
  • SRC: Replaced 'yield_timeslice' call with 'rest (0)' and removed support for 'usleep'. [Siloh]
  • SRC: Fixed some compiler warnings. [Siloh]
  • SRC: Updated copyright notices. [Siloh
Changed Default Settings:
  • Vid Res: 320x240 -> 640x480
  • Vid Blitter - Automatic -> Stretched
  • Palette - Default -> Modern NTSC
  • Linear Echo - ON -> OFF
  • Audio Filter - LPM3 -> OFF
  • Spatial Stereo - Mode 2 -> OFF
  • Sample Rate - 96000 -> 48000
  • Pseudo Stereo - Mode 2 -> Mode 3
Get the emulator from here.