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CFS Cisco stands for Cisco Firewall Specialist. It is an exam that validates the ability of an employee in dealing with the security aspects of a network. Adding a Cisco security certification to the resume and firewall skills can hugely enhance your skill set. Cisco offers a number of security certification for the employees, which include Cisco Firewall Specialist, Cisco IPS Specialist, Cisco VPN Specialist, and Cisco VPN/Security Sales Specialist.

The Cisco certifications focus on the growing need for knowledgeable network professionals who can implement complete security solutions. The certification was formed to reduce the gap between the CCNA and security. CCNA certification is a pre-requisite for holding the CSF certification and acts as a stepping stone for the same.

The Cisco certifications add a great amount of value to the professional life. These certified specialists are actively involved in developing secure business solutions and designing and delivering multiple levels of secure access to the network.