Bloodrayne is Back!


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Anyone around here a fan of the Bloodrayne movie? Well apparently the infamous Uwe Boll is back for a second round--he's already finished directing a sequel entitled Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance that, according to a co-worker at umgd, is slated for a dvd release date of september 19th. I was relatively entertained by the first one so I'll probably end up checking this out--anyone else interested in this?


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I am going to watch it but not a fan, thought. I saw the first movie so I have to watch a sequel also. It's an allright movie. :)
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Uwe Boll again ? All his film doesn't meet with gamer expectation and not either in moviegoer taste. Remember Alone in The Dark and House of The Dead...


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i know this is prolly a shot in the dark but if anyone's interested in the movie you might want to consider signing up for the street team ( know it sounds a bit ridiculous but its an easy way to get updates on the movie and get free stuff.


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I LOVE BLOODRAYNE. I didnt think the game was that bad.Except that the actress that played Rayne was ugly as A**.

I just watched the trailer for Deliverance, I have to say it looks HORRIBLE.
It looks as low budget as the third Mortal Kombat movie.Yes there was a third.
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