AVI sound problems


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Im having problems with sound on my avi,divx
dvd rip or whatever you want to call it.
The problem is the sound is very late, like 8 seconds late, Its very annoying.
You would see somebodys lips moving but the words that they are speaking are not in sync.
This is not the first problem i had with this the movie the video was also jumpy/jittery
but i used divxRepair to fix that, But the sound has always been this way.

Is a way to fix this or do I to download another copy?

The movie is Star wars episode 2 btw.
(I had to see it again after seeing Episode 3)
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Maybe the person who encoded it didn't convert the sound from VBR (Variable Bit Rate) to CBR (Constant Bit Rate). I re-encode my own movies at CBR because when I used VBR it was screwed up, the audio and video were not synchronized.

The only solution I can think of is to use an app like VirtualDub to re-encode the video (encoding take a large amount of time, like 1 or 2 hours) and the sound at CBR.


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hey thanks butters.
Im gonna re-encode it like you said (even if it takes forever).
Its gonna take double the amount of time because i have two 700mb
pieces of video to encode. I guess I'll do while I sleep. thanks

{EDIT} wow 6 hours and counting, and thats just the first 700mb file
goodnite...im goin to bed...LOL
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yeah thats what i said ( It said "time remaining: 06h:12m:00s")

I was using DIVX doctor but I got tired of waiting and switched to
virtual dub like you said.

I guess divx doctor is just to slow. virtualdub is the ideal tool to use.

I shouldve just used virtualdub from the begining, It already fixed the sync problem in the first part of the video, Im doing the second one now.
I wouldve been there forever with DivxDoctor.
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