Atari 400/ 800 computers and TRS-80

I've noticed the computer part of the forum isnt getting much action but I hope to get a response never-the-less. Admin, hope my question is o.k., It can be tough being the new guy :)

I've managed to get many of the computers I've wanted running games and programs over the last few years but I'm having a tough time with Atari 400/800 comps. I have yet to come across an emulator that is user friendly enough to set up and use (I only have low level computer knowledge). I havent ran across any documentation that would help me set one up either.

Anyone have any recommentations or could point me to some good how to's. So far ive tried Atari800win and MESS.

Is there anything that will by-pass the command lines as well? I wish I could find something that would just allow the games to be played without the hard set up.

The same goes for the old Tandy machines.

Heres hoping for some computer experts willing to help out :p


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Those two you tried are currently the best atari 400/800 emulators,but they aren't very user friendly,are they?
But no worries,because i've found a tutorial on youtube that'll help you to set up the Atari800win emulator.
here is a link to the video tutorial.
Oh yeah,sorry for being too lazy to explain it to you. :)
Ok. I finally came across this for the TRS-80. This is sorta hard to set up compare to some emulators out their but theres still a few gems that are on the tandy computer that most others wouldnt have. If your interested in this computer, take the time to really browse this site.

This next site is for those who like old D&D type stuff. This is one of the first 3d games, if not the first, released on any system. Pretty cool and really is a classic. The Dungeons of Daggorath. Give it a try!