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ok, the game im trying to play is Street Fighter EX Plus (US 970407) - (sfexp)
It seems i have everything configured properly, and i can run the game.
.. BUT .. when i play there is no sound, and the game does 26FPS at the most. When i audited my romsets it came up with this "BOIS:coh-1000c.353 Not Found".

I've got all the bios that i need to play it 'cpzn1' & 'cpzn2' and i placed them in the roms folder .. the 'cpzn1' zip has the exact file that it tells me it cant find in it.
Can anyone think why I'd get the error, do i need to put the bios in a different place?? ..... :(


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Look which CRC32 value has that bios, with winzip, winrar, mame (-verifyroms on cmd). It should be 50033AF6


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Well i tried a few other games and they all work perfectly, with sound.
It must only be that certain romset, dw about it. :)


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have you heard about impact emulator
it play perfect that kind of game
one thing *SNIPPED!* :fuckyou:
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