rpcs3 updates



new version of rpcs3
rpcs3 r47

- Added all SPU instructions to the DisAsm
- First part of the non-float SPU instructions implemented in the Interpreter

it will be uploaded tomorrow


Re: rpcs3 (ps3 emulator ) update


You know that ps3 emulation is still in alpha stage so every change is an update and counted


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Re: rpcs3 (ps3 emulator ) update

Guys ease up a bit here. Sonic riders zero is a bit giddy about ps3 yes but he knows its not playing anything. I believe his intent is to arouse interest. After all this is the only real in dev emulator that shows prof they are dissembling it. There is no question in my mind that it will not play any where near above 5 FPS but progress none the less. Though I dont believe it belongs in " Sony Emulation & Games" nor a release announcement for that matter... Updates are ok but perhaps monthly in bulk? Lets just keep our holiday hats on huh?
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