Like Create New Sega Genesis Emulatior?


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Everyone Can Like to Create a New Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) Emulatior?

■Main Information
1.Complete Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) ROM Emulation!
2.Complete Sega CD (Mega CD) Emulation!
・No more need for BIOS ROM
3.Complete 32X Emulation!
4.Accurate and fast Emulation
5.Game save/load function
6.Easy to use and comfortable GUI
7.5 player simultaneous play - perfectly configurable
8.Improvements based on Kega Fusion
9.CD-ROM fully synchronized processing function implemented
・When the CD-ROM starts to load during play, the scene (normal play, visual scene, etc.) will stop once, and when the loading is finished, the stopped scene will play. While the scene is stopped, no operation can be performed.


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Im can write you that retroarch has few cores which should can do that:

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