I'm trying to build orbital, but it needs "core.cmake".


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I tried to find everywhere, I don't know if it's top secret, but if anyone knows where I can get it, I appreciate.


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reimplement your own by forwarding function calls to QEMU.

Its mean that in C++ you need to call one function to other if im understand well to quemu which is an iso emulator.

You should edit core.h to use dependencies #include<depedency.h> or #include<depedency.c>

Then cmake.core will be created automaticly.

Emulator should use QEMU source code then will be compile if im not wrong.

I still in textmode so i cant help and i still learning github.

After you end this you will be ready as programmer:

More about function forwarding is here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43976035/c-forward-function-call

For using C++ you need to include iostream:

#include<iostream> and using namespace std;
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