Emulator Problem: Here is a trick to make GP32 emulator play at full speed and not crash


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Since their is no fully working gp32 emulator that does not crash after a few minutes or is not super slow which is what I notice if you know better than state it. I figure I share this trick if people want to experience the same in full speed. Sure MESS emulates it but its too slow to make it be really playable and speed boost wont work for it. I assume most wont care about this emulator but for the few that do here is a trick. So the emulator seems to fully work despite no sound.

Sine this site wont let me show links you can post it.

Short answer use cheat engine to find the increased value until it freezes and you narrowed it down to around 6 results and put 2 of the results which are 5 digits apart to 0.

More detailed answer.
After a while under 4 minutes around it freezes. To prevent that glitch from happening the cheat engine can help fix the freeze. I don't know if the author intended for it to happen or if was a type on his part which I don't know how to edit the code to fix it permanently, and the older version are gone or have viruses. This trick I tried last over a week ago so I am giving general info which should be enough. Sure more details can help but I assume it might be too complicated for some.

You load the emulator with no game and make the cheat engine search for unknown, then keep searching for greater value every so often. You can put the speed to the max to make it freeze sooner. When the emulator freezes search 1 time for greater value since the last time you searched, and then select to search unchanged since it did not change since the last time you searched. The results will show around 6 results.

The correct code to choose are 2 of them which are at the last digit 4 numbers apart. usually it says ...10 and ...14 at the end which are next to each other. Select those and put them to 0. they will change but at least it will reset back to 0 which the emulator will get unfrozen. In hex mode view they will both be about FFFF.... F which means near the end of the last hex digit.
This trick has to be done all the time you load up the emulator since the value changes all the time every time you load it up. If it does not work then try it again since their is the occasion that the lats digits are not 10 and 14. The cheat engine does have a way to save the setting to automatically adjust to find it but I also don't know how to use it well.

I have seen other forums that asked how to get fully running and working GP32 emulator working, so If you are a member of another site maybe they would like to know. I don't play much games but have an old original home brew game on the system which I might make one day on the app store with the help of a programmer.