Demul Can not find Atomiswave Bios


Trying to get DEMUL to run the Sammi Atomiswave.
However every time I start a game I get the error message that it can not find the BIOS in the in the romset awbios
However I have checked all paths, and made sure the bios is located where Demul is looking
I have heard there might be a bad bios out there, so I tried a few from a few different sites
But it is all the same end result.
Can someone help?


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@DisneyRob Did you check paths they should be not very long and mean short and did you check thats they use correct backslash.

On linux is / but on windows \ also only english characters in path.

It can be an error.


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If you come up with a solution, could you please send it to me? Also, if you have any information about bad bunny merch, please share it with me.