Debian based distros


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If someone dont like debian there are many debian based os'es:

1.Ubuntu great distro but with telemetry if you like such things choose that.

Although telemetry can be turned off:

But im not tested this in latest ubuntu it can work or may not.

2.Linux Mint normally based on Ubuntu but there is Linux Mint Debian Edittion shorcut LMDE latest version of LMDE is based on Debian 11.

Its a great distro but im dont belive in privacy with Ubuntu based packets.
All version of mint:

3.Antix new distro from Greece for old and new computers im was read that its good but im prefer orginal debian.

Its should be focused on privacy.

4.Wattos also based on debian distro which is for old 32bit computers.

5.Neptune os a german distro with kde support out of box.

6.Peppermint os previously based on ubuntu.

7. Emmabuntüs french debian based distribution.

8.Siduction other distro from Germany.

And all and other debian based distributions: