Computer Problem: Certain controllers always set me as joystick 2 instead of joystick 1 when both r in.

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What I mean by this. When I have 2 controllers plugged into my PC at once the controller I'd prefer to use always registers as "joystick 2". Doesn't matter which slot I use or which order I plug them in. One is always set to "joystick 1" and the other is always set to "joystick 2". I simply want to switch this. I want the better controller to be joystick 1 and not joystick 2. I went to "Devices and Printers" and set the better controller as the "preferred device" but it didn't change a thing. When the primary controller is the only one connected it's recognized as joystick 1 but once the other one is in, it's demoted to joystick 2. Which is annoying when I need both plugged in to play with friends. Even restarted my PC. Nothing! There has to be a way to change this. If anyone could help I'd appropriate it.

I'm using Windows 7, I tried this with MAME and other emulators, they're both USB and the older controller that I want for joystick 2 is Gravis GamePad Pro and the newer one that I want for joystick 1 is Logitech Gamepad F310.

Another thing I just found out is that the issue with all of this is when I use MAME is that it always associates them with their "joystick id". Always in the same order no matter what. If I could just switch it this issue would be fixed.
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