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    Emulator Problem: Snes - netplay issues

    Hi, I'm hoping someone here can help. Me and a friend are using Snes9x 1.58. We've created a Virtual Service through Hamashi and we can connect to play multiplayer games via ZSNES, plus on Snes9x, when we make the connection, the emulator screen on my side and my friend's randomly closes down...
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    Saved Files request (paid) for, StarFox 64 and Goldeneye

    Hey everyone. Can anyone here pass me a saved file of the following: 1) StarFox 64 - all medals 2) Goldeneye - all levels & cheats If you do, then drop me a PM, so we can work something out. I'm only after saved files compatible with Project64 (eep files?). I'm too lazy to be doing...
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    Wii U Pro Controller with Cemu

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I've got it to work with my PC using WiinUSoft software, but when I try to configure it with Cemu, it doesn't detect it under any Controller API. Has someone got it to work with Cemu?
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    Emulator Problem: Wireless controllers

    Hi, I hope everyone is good. :) Will the following third party controllers (wireless) work with Dolphin and ZSNES respectively?
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    Emulator Problem: Project64 1.7 issues

    Hello all, I am new to the community. I was hoping some Project64 expert can help me on a couple of issues. I am running my N64 games on Project64 1.7. 1) How do you enable full screen? I know it's ALT+Return, but there are black borders around the central display. See pic below for example...