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    I Have A Q About nullDC

    Guys I Want To Know How to connect The Sega Dreamcast Emulator to the Internet Can Any One Tell Me How ??
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    Emulator Problem: ePSXe Not Working

    Hi Every One I Have Big Problem Every Time When I play Sony PlayStation Games On ePSXe The Emulator Stop Working What I Should Do ?
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    SetUp Sega CD Emulator

    Hello Every One Today You Are know How To Play Sega CD Games On You PC/Android PC Download Fusion Setting >>> CD Now Download The Bios The Bios It's On Any CD/DVD/BlueRay Gaming Consoles You Need To Download 3 Bios Files [USA - EUR - JAP] Download v1 For All ( If You Need v2 Bios Files It's Ok )...
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    What If

    Hi Every one this Is My First Post I have an Idea What If The Emulator Zone Get Android/IOS Emulators In Emulator Site ? Cuz I Taird To Get Any Emulator To My Android Phone So Any One Need An Emulator For His Phone He Enter To The Emulator Site And Get What He Need For Emulator To His Phone So...
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    Hi EveryBuddy

    Hello Every One I am SuperSonic2 I am A New Member Here I Wont To Know About The Forum Here