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    Conclave Exodus

    Gerard, once again conclave exodus is down, and this time I will have a hard time explaining to the roleplayers, as to why. I once again lost your email adress, so I'd appreciate an ETA on its return to the web. Thanks.
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    Conclave Exodus

    Roleplaying Site where many of this forums old members still go to battle.
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    Shining Force 3

    Who here thinks Sega should collaborate with Sony to bring the shining force series to the PS( AND TRANSLATE PART 3 INTO ENGLISH FOR US). Shining force is and will forever be the best tactical game there can ever be. Final Fantasy Tactics is nice... but shining force has many of the same...
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    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

    I played this game a little bit and it seems ot be very lacking in storyline. The story starts off from being transported to a storybook. Are there special classes in this game s? such as holy knight? white knight? becuase those kind of classes are what made fft on the PS so attractive. To...