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    Wassamatta How I Dodiss?

    I Dwnld Rage of the dragons for neogeo, it starts but all i get is coloured blockes of statik movin around the screen 4 characters. I Use Nebula 2.18a Ive tried ver 2.23a,b & d but rotd is not on their game list.I had this problem with kof99 on Nebula so i used kawaks it worked perf, hwver rotd...
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    Rpg Games 4 Pc?

    I dont want 2 know where, how or who, i just wanna no if ny1 knos ny good Rpg games i can download off the net?? Just throw me som titles, ILL do the huntin B) P.S im talkin fairly modern games i got most the snes ones thnx