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    Are the xbox 360 controllers connectable in pc?

    I was wondering that can i connect an xbox 360 controller with my pc to enjoy games on pcsx2? Actually i haven't seen one in real life. I tried the google image search but it showed various ports in it. Can anybody tell whether i can connect it with my pc and whether can i play pcsx2 games with it.
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    Can't find iso tool in my psp

    I tried to emulate psp games with jpcsp but now i know that firstly i need to decrypt the isos in my psp. I found a way to do this that is by using iso tool but i follow the instructions and i put it in the iso folder of the psp's memory card but when i open my psp, i can't find the application...
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    Half screen in pcsx2 game

    I am emulating the iso (first emulation of ps2 in my life) of the ps2 game 'spider man web of shadows' but when i play the game, the pause menu, the starting logos they are fine but when i start gameplay or it is showing any movie, then half of the screen (the bottom part) becomes fully blank. I...
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    Emulator Problem: Direct x upgrade

    I ran my pcsx2 earlier and it ran with no problem but now when i run it, it shows that i need to upgrade my direct x. My direct x's version is 9 something. I do not wish to download newer version (if it is there) for some reasons please help
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    Psp emulation

    What to do with the file eboot.bin
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    Neo geo bios not working

    Please help me. I have downloaded a lots of bios and none of them are able to load any of my neo geo games. I have many roms but none is working. Please anybody help.