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    It's me =3

    Well, it's been about a year now, but I am finally back! I have been busy with Naruto Realm for a while, but now I can finally get some rest and play some emulations! Some of you may remember me... Anyway, I am much more knowledgeable about the emulators now, so hopefully I wont be asking...
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    General Game Size

    I found FF9 - Disk 1 for ePSXe and i am currently downloading it... but there are around 10 files, each 48mb... is this the general size for the games or am i wasting my time? Thanks a lot, ~Kite
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    NarutoRealm ORPG

    Well, might as well make a thread about it. This is the game i am currently stationed as head coder in. It's a fan game based loosly around the hit animé series Naruto. Its a 2D-up-down online role playing game which allows you to join any one of the four villages shown in the show and play...
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    Fun GBA/N64 Games :D

    Well, i love the N64. I just do. It maybe because half my childhood was spent on it, but hey. Who cares? anyway, i've been playing all my favourite classics (Zelda, Harvest moon (on SNES aswell), Digimon, Beyblade etc.) and wondered if any of you guys have some good suggestions for games...
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    My Introduction!

    Hi! Kite here! Big Gaming fan! Been having a look around the forums and it seems like a very helpfull place so i decided to join :D Hopefully I might be able to make myself usefull and help people out, maybe post a few stuff i find out etc. Neyways. ME! I typed my first program when i was 6...