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    Emulator Problem: TGB Dual is really burning a hole in my head!!!!!

    You see, I can do EVERYTHING perfectly with TGBDual, except one thing: control the second window. I upload to the emulator Gold, then Yellow, but I can only control Gold :fuckyou: :mad:. I've CLICKed on the window, I've FULL-SCREENED Yellow, I've SENT Gold to zee task bar, but nothing works...
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    Game Problem: CTR (Crash Team Racing) [PAL] not working properly!

    This game is awesome. One problem: I can't race. I can roam the menu and put in cheat codes, but I can't race. I'm using the following: Video: Pete's PSX OpenGL Driver 1.77 (Settings): Window Mode, 16-bit Textures: using driver's default textures Sound: ePSXe's SPU core 1.7.0 CD-rom...