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    Need some help

    Hello there, everyone! I'm posting this to ask for the kind help of your mouses and your keyboards. The thing is that I need to collect some points for the website that you see on my signature (by some points, I mean a whopping 1,000...) So far I've got 75.... 925 more to go.... So I was...
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    Hello World

    main() { printf("hello, world"); } How're ya all doin'? I've been a gamer since '94 Love games, love to learn new stuff. I want to become a great game developer someday =P That's it!! See ya, take care!!
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    What to study in order to become a programmer?

    Hello Everyone!! ;D ;D I hope you're all doing well. The reason of this post is to see whether people can help me in this doubt of mine. The thing is that I'm going to start college pretty soon. What classes/major/subjects should I take/pursuit/study in order to become an accomplished game...