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Dragon Ichigo
May 1st, 2007, 09:26
So many of you may not know of this band that specializes in goth metal, being as the band itself is based and tours in Europe, or more accurately Finland. Finland being of course the place where HIM started. I'm not quite sure if their band name is still an acronym or if they've dropped it but I still refer to them as His Infernal Majesty, which turns up more search results for images than HIM does.

I have to say, I adore HIM and every song they've made. Not a single song has ever displeased me in any way and around seventy percent of the time I listen to music, it's HIM that I listen to. Most people would turn their heads and give HIM the cold shoulder due to slightly repetative lyrics, such as the word "baby" and "love" appearing in almost every song. However I look past that and see each song's individuality.

My all time favorite song by HIM would have to be "Razorblade Kiss" with "Death Is In Love With Us" being a close second. Some of you will see these song titles and think of HIM as just another "I love depression" band. However that is not the case as each song is a wonderful adventure for your ears. The guitarist and bassist are simply amazing, creating melodies that I haven't heard anywhere else.

The drummer also knows exactly what he is doing and keeps a nice beat and tempo that is unique to every song. Of course the most credits have to go the the singer for HIM, Ville Valo. The man has vocal abilities that are stunning, able to hit the highest notes and the lowest, switching between them at will as noticable in the song, "It's All Tears [Unplugged Radio Live]"

As for the post, I wanted to see if any fellow HIM fans were on the forum or if I was solitary in my love of their music. HIM fans are few and far apart and I only know of two friends who like the band. So does anyone here at least know who HIM is?