View Full Version : Sega CD backup problem, Please Help!

October 19th, 2005, 05:30
Okay, I've got roughly 14 sega cds laying around in front of me. I'm trying to save my discs from unnecessary wear and tear, I'd like to keep them useable as long as I can, obviously.. I figure backups are the best option aside from not playing them.

I've managed to get a working iso for Heimdall, but its missing the audio. I'm using MagicISO, which has thus far allowed me to export the dat track. What I'm wondering is how I extract the audio files, as MagicISO doesn't like me doing that. Do I need to use a converter from the original files located on my CD in order to extract the audio?

I'm in no hurry to get this done right now, but if I can find the solution before I start on any other discs, that would be helpful. Heimdall has just taken a beating, its a great game. :)