View Full Version : Q: Hey u guys, please answer urgent help need it. F. Marvel Vs Capcom 2

September 4th, 2005, 00:59
Good Evening everybody. I downloaded Marvel Vs Capcom 2, using a program called 'Shareaza Sharing software.' The file is 166MB, big. Plus the single file says that is bootable

I have used WinRar to open the single file and it has inside 9 files that says "mvsc2.001 mvsc2.002 mvsc2.003 mvsc2.004 mvsc2.005 mvsc2.006 mvsc2.007 mvsc2.008 mvsc2.009.

The question is do i have to convert this 9 files inside this single file into something or do i just go strait and burn them and make the Marvel VS Capcom 2, CD

One more thing, do the 9 files have to be in audio format or in any other format before u burn them? What format do I have to choose before I burn the CD?

And by the way I'm using the latest Nero burning software and i have another burning software called B's Recorder Gold Basic and both are the full version of the software

And wait there's one more thing. Why do the single file says that is boottable? Can i just some how leave the single file close and not open it and load the sigle file in chankas and play the game without doing anything, like burning the 9 files inside the single file and stuff like that?

September 4th, 2005, 11:35
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