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August 28th, 2005, 01:42
Hello peoples! I appologize if this has been rehashed 1000's of times but I could not find it under search.

A friend and i would like to play Romance of the three kingdoms but we are in different cities. We both downloaded several emulators and tried to play a turn, save it, and email it to one another. But this did not work. We even tried zipping the entire folder and sending it. no luck.

How would we acomplish something like this? Or is there no way to do it?

August 28th, 2005, 12:45
As it's on the Sega forum, which version of this game are you talking about? Genesis/MegaDrive or Saturn?

If it's for Genesis:

Make sure you're using exactlly the same Rom: I'd recommend to rename it with GoodGen (try the same version of this app too). Then either on a batch file (.bat , .cmd) or on the command line (Windows "Start" -> "Execute" -> type "cmd" , <Enter>

goodgen -ren

Also you need to know where it's the save states path of the emulator you're using. You might change it if needed:

Kega Fusion: "Options" -> "Genesis" tab -> "States path"
Gens: "Options" -> "Directories" -> "SAVE STATES"

Once you did that, save the state of your game while playing on the emulator (you might do it through the file menu of each emu):

Gens: press <F5> or <Shift>+<F5>
Kega Fusion: Hit <F5>

The save file should be on the folder you have for saves states as you might changed/viewed before, and get this file, (I used a fake "name of the game" Rom), for example:

"Name of the game.gs0"

The last number means the state slot number. You might change it while playing in the file menu, or pressing <F6> (lower number) or <F7> (hiher number).

Once you know this, all you need it's to send the "Name of the game.gs0" file, then the receiver should place this file on his/her save states path, start the emulator & game, and load the state

September 2nd, 2005, 06:08
Thanks that did it!